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Options and Configuration > Options Dialog > Sounds

There are various events that can trigger a sound from ClipMate.  Most users find the sounds to be useful, some do not.  You can turn the sounds on/off here, and you can even choose your own sounds from .WAV files.

Use the "test" button to hear the various sounds.

Tip: If you choose your own sound files, be sure to keep the files small!  You don't want to tie up your CPU or disk drive by playing large sounds during clipboard events. 8-16KB is a good size.  You can use the Windows Sound Recorder to "downgrade" other .wav files to make them smaller.


New Data Captured from Clipboard - Lets you know that ClipMate has successfully captured new data, usually from a COPY or CUT operation. Sometimes it can happen unexpectedly, as some programs copy data on their own. It's particularly rude when they do it when they start up.
Appending New Data To Existing Clip - Happens when Append is turned on, and you copy new data.
Clipboard Erased - Something has erased the clipboard.
Data Ignored / Rejected - Data rejected, possibly because there weren't any formats that matched the application profile entry for the  particular program that you copied from. For example, suppose you have configured ClipMate to only capture plain text from your browser. Now you've copied a bitmap, so it rejects.
PowerPaste Complete - PowerPaste has reached the end of its sequence, and has ended.  A double-sound indicates that it is looping around to repeat the sequence.
Network Update - another user has updated the database over the network and new clips are available.
Outbound Clip Filter - This sound usually plays right after the "New Data Captured" sound, to indicate that the incoming clip has been put BACK onto the clipboard, as plain-text.  So you hear the "pop" sound, and then the "whoosh" sound, letting you know that two events have occurred.  It also plays if you manually filter a clip.


Unexpected Sounds

If a sound plays when you don't expect it, then some program on your system is doing something to the clipboard that you don't expect!  It's fairly common for programs to update the clipboard when they shut down.  But it's very RUDE when they use the clipboard when they start up! If you get a POP or Boing when starting a program, then it's probably using the clipboard to copy/paste its own stuff, possibly moving buttons onto its toolbar.

Use the Sound Settings panel of the User Preferences dialog to play the various sounds, and determine which event you are hearing. You may also be able to correlate to items in the event log.  Then you may be able to determine what's happening.