Clip Properties Dialog

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Advanced > Miscellaneous Functions > Clip Properties Dialog

This dialog box is used to view and set the properties of an individual clip.  It is accessed from the File menu, or by right-clicking on a clip in the ClipList, and selecting "Properties".


Each clip is assigned an ID, which is used to track it in the database and assign the various parts (keeping the associated TEXT, RTF, Bitmap, NickName, etc., together)  It increments forever, and cannot be reset.  It is useful in that it gives a relative "age" of one clip to another, so it's handy to sort on.

Collection ID

Also a database key, this is used to assign a clip to a collection.


60 characters that describe the clip. You can edit it here, if you like.

Source URL

If you copied the clip from a web page, this will be filled in.  You can modify it here, if you need to.


Which application did this data come from?


When was the clip captured?

Sort Key

If you sort your clip lists by the SortKey column, this is the value that is used.  It starts as the ID x 100, but gets adjusted if you move the clip up/down within the ClipList.


This is used to help assign a character set to a clip, when using TEXT in non-English languages.


This is checked if the clip is encrypted.  This is so that ClipMate knows to un-encrypt it for you.


How big is the clip?  This is usually the size of the largest data format present.  If you copy an item that has both Text and Rich Text Format, you'll be surprised to see just how big that RTF can be.

User ID

Which user created this clip?  This is only useful with multi-user databases.


Access to the shortcut of the clip, if present.  Although you would normally change it with the Rename dialog, you can do it here too.

Data Formats Present

Here is a listing of the data formats present in the clip.  The list is usually generated according to the Application Profile, which acts as a filter.  You can turn formats on and off, to experiment with what works well and what doesn't.  See: Understanding Clipboard Formats and Application Profile.