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Favorite Collection

You can designate one or more collections as "favorite", and then they can be quickly accessed with the F6 key.  This works like the "favorite channel" on a television remote control, where you program it to know your favorite channels, then you can quickly flip through them.  F6 works the same way.  Repeatedly press F6 to cycle through collections designated as "favorite".

To use, you first need to mark some collections as Favorite.

Suppose you want to be able to quickly bring up the InBox - mark it as a Favorite Collection.  Right-click on the InBox icon in the Collection Tree within ClipMate Explorer, and select Properties from the menu.  On the Collection Properties dialog, there is a checkbox for "Favorite Collection".  Check it, and OK the dialog.  Select any other collection, and wait until it loads. Now press F6, and you will be taken to the InBox.  If you designate others, then you'll cycle through them.

When used sparingly (in other words, don't mark ALL of your collections as "favorite"), this is a very handy function.

Select Last Collection

You can also use F5 to switch to the last collection that you accessed during the current session.  This also works like the "last channel" on Television Remotes.

Select Collection Toolbar Button

The "Select Collection" button on the Explorer and Classic toolbars can act two ways. It can bring up the Select Collection menu (default).  Or if you configure it to do so, it can select the next collection in the list.  See Config | User Preferences | General, if you want it to act this way.