Using Collections Effectively

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Advanced > Using Collections Effectively

One of ClipMate's most powerful features is the ability to create "Collections" to organize your data by various topics, categories, or projects.  By default, ClipMate builds three collections for you: InBox, Safe, and Overflow.  But you can define many more to suit your needs, such as for special projects, or organizing data by type, such as Clip Art, URLs, Jokes, Frequently Asked Questions, etc.

Note that by default, the InBox collection keeps only the last 200 items, and then they move on to Overflow, then the TrashCan, and eventually they are deleted.  If you want to keep items for a longer period of time, we recommend that you move them to another collection such as "Safe", or another collection that you set up by topic, project, etc..

You can have dozens of collections defined, and you have dozens of colorful icons to choose from, to represent your data topics and categories.

To make a new collection, use File | Add New Collection.  Unless you want it to be a "child" of the current collection, select "at top level of the hierarchy", for the placement.  Then you will use the Collection Properties Dialog to configure the collection (use the "never" purging rule to make it a "safe" collection) and select an icon (don't forget to select the icon - they're nice!)

Now you can use drag 'n' drop, or the Move/Copy toolbar buttons or the Edit | Move/Copy menu entries to place your important clips into your important new collections.