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There are many toolbar buttons which are available in ClipMate Explorer, ClipMate Classic, and the two toolbars in the ClipBar.  Many are available across all 3 windows, and if are not already present, can be added by customizing any given toolbar.  To customize a toolbar, right-click on a button or blank space, and select "Customize" from the menu.  Within the Toolbar Customization dialog box, you can choose to use the large or small button set.

Click on a button to see the related topic

Click on a button to see the related topic


Show ClipMate
Delete Clips
Remove Line Breaks
Move Clips To Collection
Copy Clips To Collection
Switch Classic / Explorer
Show Classic
Show Explorer
View Clip
Select Collection
Outbound Clip Filtering
Text Clean-Up
Looping PowerPaste
Exploding PowerPaste
Screen Capture by Area
Screen Capture by Desktop
Screen Capture by Monitor
View Mode