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How do I get a listing of all of my clips?

Once upon a time, a user asked:

Is there any way to print the list of clips so that one can get a birds eye
view to edit/sort/rename

There isn't a function in ClipMate to do this, but there IS a way to get the job done with the database SQL window. 

Go to Config | SQL Window, and enter this query into the edit box on the top of the form:

select title from clip where del = false
order by id;


Now you should have a list of clip titles, by age of clip, with the newest at the bottom.

You can then highlight the results, right-click, and you have a new clip, consisting of the "report" that we just ran.

There are other useful variations:

To order alphabetically:

select title from clip where del = false
order by title;

To select clips from just one collection:
First, find the collection ID:
Select ID, Title from coll
This returns the list of collections and IDs. Find the ID that you're interested in.
Then use that ID in the clip query.  Let's suppose we're after the SAFE, which is ID=2:
select title from clip
where del = false
  and collection_id = 2 
order by title;

There you go - a list of clips from the SAFE collection, ordered by title.

You can include other columns in the query. 
select title, creator, sourceurl   from clip

Here is a list of useful columns

ID Each clip has an ID that is sequentially generated.
COLLECTION__ID ID of the collection that this clip belongs to.
TITLE Clip title
CREATOR Where did it come from?
TIMESTAMP When did it arrive?
SORTKEY Sort position within collection, if sorted by "sortkey" column.
SOURCEURL Original URL if copied from Internet Explorer
CUSTOMTITLE Whether the title has been edited manually.
ENCRYPTED Is the clip encrypted?
DEL Has it been deleted?  Trashcan clips have DEL=TRUE. 
SIZE How big is it?
DELDATE When was it deleted?
USER_ID Which user inserted this clip (multi-user database)

If you find any useful queries or uses for this, please feel free to leave comments.

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