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Articles in Problems With Certain Applications
As-U-Type by Fanix
Automatic Rejection of Silly PlugIn Icons
Can't copy or cut in FireFox / AdWare.Win32.AdvertMen.a
Craig's Connect Monitor
Hotkey Conflict / Ctrl+Alt+F12
Internet Dialup - When ClipMate is running, my internet disconnect dialog doesn't appear.
Microsoft Publisher - Pasting Fonts
Mozilla / Firebird / Tab Browser Extensions
Netscape / IE5.5 Lockups
Office 2000, Office XP
Opening Word or Excell results in POP or BOING sound, normal.dot
Outlook / Outlook Express - line-breaks aren't preserved!
Outlook / Outlook Express - Multiple Copies or Rejects
Outlook Express Crashes When I Paste - MSIMN
PaperPort / Out Of Memory
Pasting MS Word data into SalesForce CRM - formatting problems.
Photoshop - can't capture images
Screen Reader Message
Source URLs from Netscape/Opera
Trouble With Other Clipboard-Aware Programs
Ultra Edit - UE - LineFeeds
UltraEdit - ClipMate is capturing duplicate clips when I use UltraEdit
Unexpected copying / capturing when launching application (vb, visual basic, Adobe, Word, Outlook, etc.) (rogue toolbar bitmap icons)
WordPerfect - Help!
WordPerfect Won't Copy to Clipboard in XP
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