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Corrupt Installation Detected - error during installation

If  you receive "corrupt installation detected" when running the installation, then the file was incompletely downloaded.  This happens from time to time.  Unfortunately, attempting to download it again will usually result in the browser cache handing you the same, corrupt file again (but much faster!) 

So go back to our download page, and download again but this time use the "Secondary Site" link.  This will confuse the browser, so that it won't give you the same incomplete file again.

Or, you can use this link: ClipMate6.exe which will always point to the current version of ClipMate6.

If you still have trouble, we can e-mail you the file. However you must have adequate space in your e-mail account (about 3mb).  Contact support@thornsoft.com and ask to have ClipMate 6 sent via e-mail.



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Corrupt Installation Detected - error during installation
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