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Main Page / Browse Categories / Preference and Display Issues / How do I prevent clips from going into a collection?
How do I prevent clips from going into a collection?

Sometimes you want to prevent new clips from cluttering up your other collections. 

Each collection has a "garbage avoidance" setting, which you can use to reject new clips - rejected clips go into the InBox.  Right-click on a collection, select Properties, and then turn off the "accept new clips".  They'll now "bounce" into the InBox.

If you have a bunch of collections, you can set them all quickly by dealing with the database directly.  Go to Config | SQL Window, and erase the default query at the top of the window.  Paste this in there:

update coll set acceptnewclips = false
where id > 1;

Re-start, and all collections except for the InBox, are now set to reject new clips.


keywords: capture, garbage, safe, reject, direct, dispatch, sql


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How do I prevent clips from going into a collection?
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