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Unwrapping long URLS

Have you ever had an URL that wraps onto multiple lines?  When you try to paste it or "click to launch", you only get part of the URL, due to the wrapping.  ClipMate's linebreak removal seems like a natural fit.  But due to the way that it works, it ends up inserting a blank where the original linebreak was.  (There's a good reason for that: so that words don't run together, where the old linebreaks were. ex:  "Now isthe time forall good mento come tothe aid oftheir country").

So sometimes you want the extra spaces inserted, but with URLs, or other things like registration keys, definitely not. 

ClipMate 6.5 introduces the "Unwrap URL" mode. Just hold down SHIFT while clicking the "remove linebreaks" button, and the extra spaces are suppressed.

Now you can turn this:

into this:

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Unwrapping long URLS
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