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341 Interface minor always 10-05-05 14:35 10-19-05 14:37
Chris Thornton  
Chris Thornton  
0000341: Drawing issues after "close and free all windows".
Reported by quinta:
if I choose close and free all windows then afterwards show Clipmate again I see odd behaviour when switching between collections; it draws the listview while it is loading it so I see lots of insertions into the listview....
This is very visible if the list is sorted by SortKey with the most recent at the top and far less visible if sorted by SortKey with the most recent at the end; change the sort order and switch between collections to see what I mean
Having the listbox visibile while inserting these rows does at least show what is going on, although seeing as it doesn't happen normally I am guessing that this is unintended behaviour
Exiting and restarting Clipmate stops the visibile sorting problem..

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