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Here is where you control the various settings that control everything from tooltips, to data storage, to avoiding conflicts at startup. There are several main areas:

Options Dialog
Clipboard Diagnostics
SQL Window
Spell check Configuration


There are also several "stand-alone" options:

Auto Capture - this determines whether ClipMate is capturing new clipboard updates or not.  If you want to permanently turn this off, see the "Advanced" tab of the User Preferences dialog.
Reestablish Clipboard Connection - In case the clipboard connection is lost, it can be reset here.  This shouldn't be necessary anymore with the "keepalive" function.
Connect to ClipBar - In case ClipMate hasn't automatically detected and connected to the clipbar, this option will force it to attempt a connection.
Show Event Log - shows a log of events, such as clips captured and placed onto the clipboard.  Useful for troubleshooting.


About the settings

All of the ClipMate settings are stored in the registry.  If multiple user accounts are on the same system - each user has their own section of preferences.  If for some reason the settings become terribly fouled up and you want to start over, you can do a registry reset by starting ClipMate with the CTRL+SHIFT keys held down, and ClipMate will ask if you would like to reset the registry.