SpellCheck Configuration

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Options and Configuration > Tools Menu > Spellcheck Configuration

You can configure the spell checker if you have the Check Spelling dialog open (usually when you're spellchecking a clip), or you can right-click within the editor, and select Spellcheck Configuration.  You can also use the Config | Spellcheck Configuration menu.

Most of the options are self-explanatory.

Downloading Additional Dictionaries

Most of what you will use the dialog for is for selecting Dictionaries.  If you speak something other than "American English", you will likely want to download an additional dictionary.  We have a link here:


Just download the dictionary, unzip with a tool such as WinZip, and place the resulting file(s) into the same directory that ClipMate is installed into (typically c:\program files\clipmate6).  Then use the dictionary configuration dialog to activate it (and perhaps de-activate others).  You can have multiple dictionaries in effect at the same time.  For example, you can have the British and Legal dictionaries both active, if you happen to be a British Lawyer.


The Thesaurus is a separate file, downloadable from our web site. http://www.clipmate.com/dictionaries.htm

Just download, and place in the ClipMate6 program directory (typically c:\program files\clipmate6).  If you have the CD edition, you can just copy the file (roget.adt) from the Dictionary directory on the CD.

Once in place, you can right-click on any word in ClipMate's edit window, and use the Thesaurus function.

Custom Dictionaries:

As you "add words" while spell checking, words will be added to your custom dictionary.  The custom dictionaries are interesting in that you can have multiple dictionaries, and if you have an MS Office dictionary installed, it will be included in the check – but cannot be added to or edited.  Your ClipMate dictionaries can be edited, however, and you can even include "auto-correct pairs", so that common mis-spellings like "hte" becomes "the".

To access the custom dictionary configuration, and to edit the dictionary contents, select "Dictionaries" from the main Dictionary Configuration menu.

Auto-Correct Dictionaries:

Do you often type hte instead of the?  If you use ClipMate's editor to do a lot of typing, you can install one of the auto-correct dictionaries.  You may need to "train" the editor for specific words, by using the regular spellcheck dialog box, and clicking the auto-correct button.  Then, the editor will auto-correct that mistake as you type.


Typically, the standard dictionaries will reside in the program directory (where ClipMate is installed into) and your custom dictionary will reside in the data directory.