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ClipMate Viewlet Library

What is a Viewlet? 

A Viewlet is a vivid "how to" demonstration that plays right in your web browser.  You get to SEE how to use a particular feature of ClipMate, not just read about it.  There is nothing extra to download or install, and the viewlets are very small - only 100-200K each. They DO however, require a java/javascript enabled browser. (Check java compliance here if you have trouble viewing the viewlets.)

BRAND NEW - ClipMate 6 Viewlets:

Tutorial 1 - Basic Operation

Tutorial 2 - PowerPaste

Tutorial 3 - Append

Tutorial 4 - QuickPaste

Tutorial 6 - QuickPick

Tutorial 7 - Shortcuts

New Features of ClipMate 6 - Part I

New Features of ClipMate 6 - Part II

See how to enter your registration key. (very cool)

Version 5 Viewlets:

Basic Operation

Basic Copy and Paste
Basic overview of ClipMate, showing how it remembers everything that you cut or copy.  It also touches on Screen Shots, copying from web pages, and even a little bit of PowerPaste.
Working With Collections
You can set up many collections to keep your data by topic, project, source, etc..  Here we show you how to set up some new collections, and move data into them.

New Features In ClipMate 5.3

New Features In 5.3 Overview
Learn about the new editing features, clickable URLs, and a few slides on the spell checker.
In-depth demonstration on spellchecking operation and configuration.

New Features In ClipMate 5.2

E-Mail Clean-Up
See how to use the new TEXT Clean-Up feature to remove those horrible >>> forwarding marks, unwanted line-breaks, and fix up all other kinds of lousy formatting.  It also showcases the new UNDO feature.
Alternate Link: TEXT Clean-Up
Exploding PowerPaste
If you have a lot of data separated by line-feeds, commas, tabs, etc., and need to paste it somewhere else, this can save a lot of time. Exploding PowerPaste will break the data into individual "fragments" for pasting.  We'll show you how!
Alternate Link: Exploding PowerPaste
UNDO Please See The TEXT Clean-Up Viewlet
Paste Source URL
See how to paste the "source url" (where a particular piece of data, copied from a web page, originated) of a clip, into an Email note.
Alternate Link: Paste Source URL

ClipMate Tutorials

Here we show you how to quickly paste a series of clips into an application
Sharing Collections

Do you have a collection that you want to share with another user?  Or move to another PC?  Here's how!
Check This Out!
By special arrangement with Qarbon, we are able to offer you a freeware version of ViewletBuilder2.  You can create your own royalty-free viewlets to publish on your own site, or use internally within your company. To indicate the affiliation with this site, the viewlets briefly display the ClipMate logo at startup. The "New Features in ClipMate 5.3" viewlets were created with this special version.  Click here to download this absolutely free version of the amazing ViewletBuilder2. 

Viewlets copyright 2000 by Thornsoft Development, Inc, using technology from Qarbon.Com, Inc..  Although the viewlets display an advertising banner at the top, no personal/private information is gathered or transmitted. You can read the Qarbon privacy statement online at http://www.qarbon.com/corporate/privacy/

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